Drixian Imagination is the Official Photographer of the Soda City Comic Con

Today at Drixian Productions, we are pleased to announce the formation of a new branch called Drixian Imagination. In the past two years, at Drixian Productions, we have focused on taking the finest images of natural world. Now, with Drixian Imagination, we are transferring those same skills to portraiture. 


One of the primary goals of Drixian Imagination is to serve the Cosplaying community. This is an amazing group of people, who are dedicated to creating a world around themselves that is not constrained by reality. Thus, at Drixian Imagination, our aim is to help those cosplayers acheive their vision. 

While it is not just that Drixian Imagination is a new product line, we are now collaborators of the cosplay community and are sponsoring several events in the near future:

We are pleased to announce that we are the official photographers of the Soda City Comic Con in Columbia South Carolina, August 25-26th, 2018. We are going to besponsoring the Cosplay Contest and providing media for the event. We will also have a small booth established to help make those cosplayers visions come true!Drixian imagination has the exciting opportunity to photograph the celebrity guest as well. Mike Colter is an official guest and we are so delighted to work with him! Mike’s work in Marvel’s Luke Cagealone, is inspiring. Also, his work in The Good Wifeand several  other films, make him one of the best actors of our generation. 

There are many other events that we are working with and will have more information soon! This is so exciting and we look forward to working in this new capacity! Thank you all for your support and we look forward to these new opportunities.



Nathan Widener