Where it all started...

On a trip back home to Tennessee from North Carolina, I wanted to go to Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee, little did I know that would change my life forever. It's amazing how three elements: water, rocks, and gravity combine together to produce some of the most amazing natural features on the face of the earth.



Not only does water create beauty, but a lack of water is also interesting. Something simple and eloquent about deserts and how they pull the imagination.

Nature and Animals

Life is more compelling than elements that make it.


While waterfalls are a passion of mine, also water features such as oceans, lakes, and seas also draw my attention in some of my best works.


Being able to capture drama in one frame is hard enough, but sometimes when you are in nature, you need more than one frame combined.


The balance between man and nature that is captured in architectural works is as powerful as nature.


Music is more than just sound, it is also the performance and being able to capture the essence of another human being in the moment.